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the key

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music: LOUPOE & EFF
lyrics: EFF


the key


you told me: this mornin’
the sun had just come out
you had this peculiar dream
you thought you woke up
but you saw me right there
as weird as it may seem

my eyes asked for somethin’
you couldn’t quite understand
we seemed so far apart
but then for some reason
you knew that you had the key
to a chamber in my heart

and when you tried it the door sprung open
but you didn’t find a room
you found a palace
full of colorful balloons, yeah

hundreds and thousands
pouring out flying happily
hundreds and thousands
of balloons (breaking free)

and when you finished
i didn’t know
just what to say to you
i felt some tickling
i felt some rumbling
and all knew was: it was true

and then i giggled
cause they were squeakin’ and squeezin’
deep down in my chest
i was laughing out loud
with hundreds and thousands
on their merry quest

and now every time it’s just the three of us
me, your guitar and you
i see balloons floating out of my heart
and out of yours, too, yeah