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steal away

Release Date: September 1, 2016
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music: LOUPOE & EFF
lyrics: EFF


steal away


jet lagged at jfk on a morning in spring
sitting right behind me waiting for a flight home to berlin
you got all worked up talking to your friend
about some “greedy refugees invading our fatherland“

“they’re cheating and robbing everyone and everywhere“
(miraculously you still had the money for long distance airfare)
so keen on stealing everything away from you
your suburban house and your fake LV speedy, too

i could’ve turned around
i could’ve yelled
i could’ve puked right into your lap yeah
i could’ve ranted and raved
at least i could’ve ruined your day
but instead i stole away

i can’t believe that anyone would want to take that bag of yours
or your alcoholic husband slowly losing consciousness
but you kept talking bullshit and you seemed so fucking serious
i think i’ve rarely found anyone so hideous

i didn’t try to tell you how to wake your brain from coma
or talk you into emigrating to oklahoma
i can’t decide who’s more pathetic, who’s the prick?
you and your verbal diarrhea? or me the gutless hypocrite?

i should’ve turned around
i should’ve yelled
i should’ve puked right into your lap yeah
i should’ve ranted and raved
at least i should’ve ruined your day
but instead i stole away

to all you people out there
with some love in your heart
and an operational brain yeah
do better than me
laugh in their face
or take them apart
but i urge you, i pray: 
don’t steal away

vocals: EFF
guitars: LOUPOE
bass: PET
drums: LD Lars