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music: LOUPOE & EFF
lyrics: EFF





hi there
guilt and shame
hi there my twin sisters of hell

i greet you sister g.
i hail you sister s.
my favorite sisters from hell

while you’re knocking at the backdoor
i’m putting up the front-yard sign again:
this soul’s for sale


just a thought too much
and there’s sister g.
she takes me in her suffocating arms and i make her feel at home

just a word from them too much
and there’s sister s.
she strokes back my hair with her toxic comb

oh lucky me with two beloved sisters
who smell trouble and come running
i never feel alone


[Loupoe speaking]


oh lord help me when i feel ashamed for loving you
when i can’t see beneath the surface
when i become shallow and afraid

oh lord help me when i’m guilty of guilt
when i can’t trust anyone
when our innocence is betrayed

oh lord help me greet my beloved sisters
invite them in, feed them well and show them ́round
and then show them to the gate

vocals: EFF
guitars: LOUPOE
bass: PET
drums: LD Lars