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music: EFF & LOUPOE
lyrics: EFF





at the bottom of your thinking
at the end of all good reasons
there‘s a loophole to the dark

you‘re still holding off
but you can take my hand
when you‘re ready to embark


turn your head slowly
and take your first step
on the ice

dare to look beneath the surface
bear the gaze of all those frozen faces
don‘t think twice


beyond the icy threshold
the sum of all your fears and all your longings
will make you squirm and blush

calmly take another step
feel your pulse
allow your blood to rush


move on surely towards the breach
hear the black blood trickle
quietly watch the wound

if it gets too hard reach for your pocket
to find some chocolate
i promise the bleeding will stop soon


i can‘t get you to the other side
you need to walk alone
along your lane

but i put chocolate
in your pocket
one for the road one for the pain


vocals: EFF
sounds: LOUPOE