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music: LOUPOE & EFF   lyrics: EFF


take your time
get ready for me
i‘ll drink your excitement
with my rooibos tea
your kind little heart
is on the way to me
i‘ll be in the shower when you come
just wait for me and see

i‘ll bait you first
with a gracious smile
oh build up the thirst
well this might take a while
then i‘ll mock you on the fly
and let silence take care
and when you turn away to cry
i‘ll grab your hair
and then i‘ll rip it

it always takes some time
for you to recoup
if i moan about how bad i had it
i get back in the loop
i offer a biscuit
i knit you a skirt
i tell you some bullshit
oh you get over the hurt

and again you‘ll stare at me
with your needy eyes
i can‘t wait to see, ha!
your surprise
running down your chin
there‘s a hot little tear
can‘t control my grin
when i grab your hair
and then i‘ll rip it

one day you might find
some dignity for you
don‘t know whether that‘s ever gonna happen
but even if you do

i‘ll just say oops
i didn‘t mean to
i didn‘t mean to
i mean
i just can‘t stand you getting in my hair


vocals: EFF
guitars & bass: LOUPOE
drums: Lars Riedel