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music & lyrics: EFF



you used your wings
 for shelter
and found out too late
that missing out
 on embarrassment
won‘t pay the wait

and every year
 the candles
burn without a cake
you chose the pond
 over the ocean
by mistake

be careful with that box 
don‘t you dare come near!
hey! you forgot your box 
you just can‘t leave it here!

you hear the word
you wear that shirt
you sneak a peek
you take the torch
you leave the porch
you kiss the freak

you close your eyes
you find those guys
you ride that ramp
you own the track
you break a leg
you get the amp

be careful …

if caution is a myth
and vice a plain invention
then ease is not a lie
seems they just forgot to mention

be careful …
oh! she forgot her box
she just left it here!


vocals: EFF
guitars: Strucki & LOUPOE
bass: LOUPOE
drums: Lars Riedel