Dancing in the rain with flowers in your hair!

Posted by Box of Chocolates

How we shot a video in three hours

„Heathcliff! It’s me, Kathy!“ (from: Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush)

This time I got my guys together before they disappeared on vacation (see what happened last year). We had three hours on a rainy afternoon for the shooting of our video for our cover of Kate Bush’s wonderful „Wuthering Heights“ from 1978 (get your free download here).

So we had to be quick. Discussions about the right location, the right camera angle, the right purpose even, were violently cut off by me in my temporary function of band dictator.

40 years ago it seemed ok for Kate to dance her name in England’s green meadows wearing a red dress, matching tights (really?) and a flower. Check out her groundbreaking video here.

What’s good enough for Kate is good enough for me

What’s good enough for Kate, can’t be bad for me, can it? So I thought, if I seriously want to pay tribute to her, I have to get into the grass and dance. In a dress. With a flower. Hmm.

My band was really supportive. They didn’t crack up. Almost.














And I can appreciate now why Kate did it. Once you get over total embarrassment, your flower is soaked from the rain, and you forget about the disturbed looking guy passing by on a bike, it’s a truly liberating experience 🙂 Try it for yourself. I got the flower for you!

In the meantime enjoy our video! We had lots of fun putting it together. I hope it shows.
So, let’s all go together: One, two, three.
Heathcliff! It’s me, Kathy!

Kate Forever!