200 Horses – Win the PEARL JAM CHALLENGE

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Win the Pearl Jam Challenge

„200 horses getting of track, centrifugal forces“ (Box of Chocolates „200 Horses“)

In only a couple of days, Eff’s favorite band Pearl Jam will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. So, we thought it’s time for a Pearl Jam challenge:

Listen carefully to the Box of Chocolates song 200 HORSES. It was written as a tribute to 90’s Seattle grunge. It’s an edgy rocker that tells the story of a life gone off the rails. And: There is a Pearl Jam reference hidden in the words!

The first three smarty-pants will win!

The first three smarty-pants that mail us the correct answer (mail@box-of-chocolates.com) will win! So get your flannels out and be game!

1st prize: A Box of Chocolates vinyl „LIMINAL“ signed by the band
2nd-3rd prize: A Box of Chocolates limited edition double-sided album poster (high-quality print)

And for the throrough researcher – find complete song lyrics here.


BOX OF CHOCOLATES LIVE – 200 horses (record release) from Box of Chocolates on Vimeo.