Last rehearsal

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Eff and Loupoe close shop for 2016

„Here we are, me and you, feeling lost and feeling blue“ (Abba: „Happy New Year“)

On Dec 28, Eff and Loupoe – in honor of Pet’s birthday – met for the last Box of Chocolates rehearsal in 2016 and looked backwards.

What a year! At the beginning of 2016, there was just a tiny chocolate box, only the two of us playing our songs in the basement. Enter Pet and Lars in spring: Together we took part in this year’s Emergenza band contest, won two rounds in a row and made it to the German national finals with a total of five and a half rehearsals! Working hard this summer on finishing our album: What a cool feeling to publish your first single on iTunes in September. And then get shaped up for the final countdown: In October, we entered into vinyl production and managed to have everything ready for the big day: Our release party on December 18! And in case you’re wondering: We have already 6-7 new songs in the making, so expect to hear from us with fresh music in 2017!

With a rather spontaneous cover of Abba’s wonderful „Happy New Year we wave goodbye to a year like a rollercoaster ride and say thank you to all our wonderful friends and supporters.

We wish you a great year 2017, may your dreams come true!

BOX OF CHOCOLATES – happy new year from Box of Chocolates on Vimeo.