A private night

Posted by Box of Chocolates

Record Release Party at Privatclub Berlin

„Oh, how magic it seemed. Oh, please let me sleep. It’s Christmas time“ – Pearl Jam, „Please Let Me Sleep (It’s Christmas Time)“

What a special night at the Privatclub! Our first full performance as a band and the world premiere of at least six of our songs.

The evening started with a great performance of our young friends from ABC no D. Unfortunately, many of their juvenile fans had to leave before our show because they had shown up without parents :o)

Box of Chocolates hit the stage around 9 PM. We started low key with GARDEN, and the slowly turned up the volume with HAIR. Eff’s old friend Thorsten joined us on acoustic guitar for a great version of BOX. 200 HORSES, STEAL AWAY, LOOPHOLE, and BEAR AT SEA were performed for the first time. We also presented two challenging covers of favorites like Creep (Radiohead) and Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush).


Eff and The Lost Cookies performing Liminal together


For our two poppy songs LIMINAL and THE KEY we were supported by „The Lost Cookies“ – a wonderful background formation of five singing friends of Eff formed exclusively for the evening! Eff used THE KEY to say thank you to Loupoe with the help of the audience. Everybody had been given a red Box of Chocolates balloon at the door. And upon cue („you found a palace full of colorful balloons“) a balloon fight started!

During the encore, we performed our slow blues SISTERS for the first time with spontaneous applause from the audience for Loupoe’s great solo. The show ended with a somewhat chaotic rendition of „I believe in miracles“ by the Ramones including again Nemo from ABC no D and Thorsten on guitars. But we made it!

And then we were ready for our first autographs on our vinyls at the merch stand!

Thanks again to all our friends, friends of friends and all the other wonderful people who showed up to listen and cheer for us!

P.S. Eff’s father made for the funniest story of the evening when he asked the young guy at the counter of the McDonald’s around the block for directions to the Privatclub: „Do you know how to get to this private club around here?“ – Guy (blushing): „Sorry, Sir, I’m under age.“