Eff and Loupoe got the blues – the very very slow blues

Posted by Box of Chocolates

A couple of weeks a ago – Eff was on vacation in one of the hotter regions of the world – Loupoe sat alone on the red sofa. It was cold, it was raining and Eff kept sending pictures of palm trees and sunny lyrics about funny porcupines. Not getting the blues was obviously not an option. Fortunately, the next guitar was only inches away and so the first Box of Chocolates slow blues – and we mean really, really slow – was born.

Sometimes we gotta feed our sisters from hell

At first, it was called „red blanket“ in honor of the sofa where it was created, but after it got the „Eff treatment“ the name changed to „sisters“: It’s about those dark moments when the nastiest voices in our brain creep up on us from behind. Call them monsters, call them sisters. Sometimes, we gotta feed them for a while. And sometimes – when we’re lucky – we have friends that help us charm them out of the house again.

Check it out.