We are speechless!

Posted by Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates won 1st round Emergenza band contest in Berlin!

„I am speechless! I am without speech!“ – Elaine (Seinfeld)

Yesterday, Box of Chocolates played at the Emergenza band contest at the Berlin Club Bi Nuu, competing against six other bands. It was the first time for us to perform together. It was the first time for Eff on such a big stage. Not to mention, the first time for Pet’s cow leather boots to see Kreuzberg. What an amazing experience to play at this great venue with such a supportive atmosphere.

Check out our photos from the event!

And thanks to an incredible number of 125 (in words: one hundred twenty five) wonderful people who cheered and voted for us, we won the first round! It was great to see you all there: Old (and very old) friends, new friends, friends and parents of friends, and cool people we had never met before but who just showed up to check out our band.


Find the complete results of last night’s show here. We are absolutely thrilled that we made it to the semi-finals that will take place at the famous club SO 36 in Kreuzberg later in Spring.

We’ll keep practicing and honing our set. And then we hope to see you all again in Spring at SO 36!