Thanks for catching chocolates in the glasshouse

Posted by Box of Chocolates

We are thrilled about the full house at our Nikolaus acoustic session!

It was great to play our first one-hour set in front of such a supportive audience in Anja’s cozy glasshouse with lots of wine, antipasti and Christmas cookies! Since you never know what you’re gonna get (and yes – we’re taking our motto seriously) our guests got the chance to put together our setlist! Participating in a lucky draw of color-coded chocolate boxes they took turns in picking the next song. Four of them („buckle not„, „it’s ok“, „in time“, and „loophole„) were played in public for the first time ever.

We also threw in some covers from such diverse sources as Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Jethro Tull and Depeche Mode. Eff finally got a chance to show off her bass ukulele (though calling her Suzi might be a bit premature…) while Loupoe was busy sneaking in as much Voodoo Child as possible into every solo of the evening.
Here are some photos of the event. And thanks to Eff’s godchild Luise, we also have some video footage of the event.

Thank you all for coming!

And for the record – the evening’s setlist:



  • locomotive breath (jethro tull cover)
  • waiting for the night (depeche mode cover)