What LOUPOE says about EFF

Posted by Box of Chocolates

One thing I like about Eff: She started writing music just recently and she gets so excited about everything she discovers in the process. Writing a song, practicing it, singing it live in front of an audience, recording it, … all of this is still new to her. And although I’ve been making music my entire life, working with her allows me to discover everything again, too. She infects me with her enthusiasm.

I think it‘s funny that she would love to sound like Eddie Vedder when in fact her voice reminds me more of Kate Bush.

I like her metaphorical lyrics that are often quite cryptic at first glance. But she lets me in on her thoughts and feelings behind them. If something happens to her that gets her off track I can almost count on the fact that there will be a new song about it next week.

Plus, she always brings chocolate to our sessions. I like that, too :o)